Tips & Tricks for Curly Hair

Welcome to my Tips & Tricks series.

What can I say … hair care and skincare are my favourite hobbies.

Products to use

Your hair care products can make or break frizz. Always look for hair care products that contain beneficial ingredients, and avoid those that contain alcohol or harsh cleansers.

Hair serum

Hair serum coats the hair, providing shine and protection against humidity. Hair serum will not fix damage, but it can help protect hair from the elements, helping it retain moisture.

Our favourite hair serums are Revita Flame Tree Serum, De Lorenzo Allevi8 Shine Serum.

Leave-in conditioners

Leave-in conditioners are used after shampooing and are applied the same way you’d use any conditioner. The difference is, instead of rinsing out your product, you leave it on your hair.

Leave-in conditioner can help add softness and moisture to hair, keeping it frizz-free. The unique factor of leave-in conditioners they do not weigh you hair down as they are specifically formulated to be left in.

Try one of these Davroe Ends Repair Leave-In Treatment, De Lorenzo Restructurant, Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Daily Leave In, NAK Replends Crème Leave In Moisturiser, Juuce 20 In 1 Miracle Spray.

 Hair masks

Hair masks are a brilliant way to provide a megadose of beneficial ingredients to hair that may help keep it nourished, moist, and frizz-free.

If you want a mask head for these Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Masque, De Lorenzo Essential Treatments Equilibrium, Davroe MCT – Conditioning Treatment