Everyone can have gorgeous hair and radiant skin with hairlinez™ and Alexandra Johns™

Why did we create haircare with hairlinez™ and Alexandra Johns™ Skincare?

Looking and feeling good about your skin and your hair is about using the right products.  At Alexandra Johns we developed a range of natural Australian products that works using the right blend of active natural ingredients. We also believe it is just as important to implement  a great skincare routine for your scalp.  This is our sister site  hairlinez™ where you have salon quality hair care products with our favourite brands Davrioe, De Lorenzo, Juuce, Matrix Biolage, NAK & Revita. 

Our Story

Hi we’re Alexandra and John, husband and wife team, and co-founders of Alexandra Johns. As a beauty therapist and doctor pursuing our interest in cosmetic medicine for over 30 years , it was our patients and clients who inspired us to create a range of skincare products that work.

Everybody should feel good about themselves.

We believe at hairlinez™ if you start with beautiful hair that is the first step for that fantastic look you want.

At both hairlinez™ and Alexandra Johns™ Skincare we believe:

perfect hair + perfect skin = the look you want !!!