Welcome to hairlinezTM we are an Australian owned and based company. We also have our exclusive skin care range ALEXANDRA JOHNSTM which is created and manufactured in Australia. We believe at ALEXANDRA JOHNSTM everyone should look after their skin for that ajelessTM glowing look. Whether you are female or male or whatever your age. 

Your hair is equally as important; if your skin looks sensational so should your hair!!!

I am sure you all agree.

hairlinezTM has been created for you  to shop for Salon Quality Products, there are so many products out in the market. We have selected products we know will give you the results you want to compliment your glowing skin which we helped you with at ALEXANDRA JOHNSTM

Join us on this journey to create the best and deliver the best products for you to achieve the  total youthful glowing skin and shiny lustrous hair.


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