The Essential Rules for Blonde Hair

Washing to often

Lifting your hair to go blonde can dry your hair out, so shampooing your hair to frequently can strip out the natural oils. I always recommend to shampoo your hair less following a coloring treatment so your hair can regain its natural moisture. One thing I suggest is wait a full two days after your colour appointment to shampoo, continued washing can fade your color, or result in unwanted brassy tones.

Purchase the right shampoo

Purple is your power move. While picking up a lilac-hued shampoo is of the utmost importance to prevent fading, brassy tones and unwanted yellow. Don’t forget your purple conditioner, and, most of all return to your hairdresser for regular glosses.

Use Masks

Remember if you have lifted you hair it is going to be extra thirsty on a regular basis. Use a deep conditioning mask.

Protect you hair

Use a heat protector, so often clients will say the breakage’s come from the colour, generally breakages are the result of using too high a heat on recently lightened hair. You’ll want to be sure to use heat protectant sprays before touching a straightener on your hair. Remember to lower the temperature so you’re not frying your hair in the process of creating those waves or straightening.

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